About Us

A close friend once said that everyone is a nerd about something. Think about what you enjoy doing – cooking, reading, gaming, travel, caring for creatures (animals, people, plants), learning about art, music, history, 80s fads… the list is pretty much endless. We’re just two nerds who happen to enjoy technology, travel, photography and food. This site is a glimpse into our adventures.

About Louisa

Louisa Profile
I write and photograph so I can remember snippets of the adventures I’ve had with my husband.  And we make those adventures public so we can share them with you.

I enjoy photography, cooking, baking, reading, hiking, and all things nature; I’m a psychology and usability geek at heart.


About Tony

Tony Profile
I produce most of the photo albums found on the site, and also select photos and captions for the travel posts.  In addition, I will post tech roundups and features when something really interests me in the tech world.

I enjoy hiking, photography, food, and web development as hobbies and work as a network administrator and app developer.

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