Super Bowl 50 Commercial Recap

February 7, 2016 – Today is Super Bowl 50.  We’re fans of Payton Manning and Wade Phillips, so we’re hoping that the Broncos manage to win.  (Congratulations to Denver on a great win!)

Best overall: Budweiser horses

Why: Michelob Ultra, LG (aka waste of Liam Neeson)

Just why: Snickers and Wilam Defoe, Gospel choir and,

Biggest waste of advertising dollars:  Jack in the Box

The camera was definitely moving a bit too fast: SiFi

I don’t know what just happened: Avocado in space commericial, We were talking about beige socks then it became a Kia commercial (also, best use of Christopher Walken)

Slightly funny: Hyundai and vegan bear who wasn’t really vegan but was just pretending because his girlfriend was, Steven Tyler and Skittles, Prius

Actually funny: Doritos (baby), Steve Harvey and T Mobile, Turbo Tax and Anthony Hopkins

Best soundtrack: Jeep, PayPal, honorable mention: Acura

I don’t think it means what you think it means: Audi

Cute animals: Marmot, Doritos puppies, Dacshunds with floppy ears in hot dog outfits (particularly the little tiny puppy)

I don’t know what’s going on: Square Space, singing sheep in Honda

I’m not the target audience: Shocktop, Buick, Dollar Shave Club, Bud Light, Triplets and banking commercial, Fitbit

People doing cool tricks: Advil

Just insulting (aka Because apparently people in apartments don’t buy anything aka The Almighty Dollar): Quicken Loans

I don’t know why I like it: Mini Cooper

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