Working and a bit of Exploration

September 3-4, 2015 – We spent a few days working from the dining room table in Eagle River, with a puppy to keep us company.  Tony’s fighting some illness (sinus infection is our best guess; by the time we get back home it will have morphed into pneumonia); at least there’s a Walgreens at the bottom of the hill. We tried to do some interesting things during lunch hours, including trying out a nearby Korean restaurant, Johnny Woos, with very good hot ginger tea, little pickled veggies and kimchi, and meat and rice entrees.

There were a few low-laying clouds during the week.
There were a few low-laying clouds during the week.

Earthquake Park is a pretty park on the edge of town.  You can see where the Easter earthquake moved quite a bit of land out into the bay. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail goes all along the water; we picked it up in the middle of a disk golf course.  Watch out for moose – we almost ran into a mama and baby moose.  The baby was very cute, jumping out from behind the mama to see what all the fuss was about.  Mama was tall; very, very tall when she stood up.  We wasted no time in backing up and putting some trees between us and the pair. Kaladi Brothers makes a good coffee or espresso drink, depending on your preference.  We enjoyed ours after the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail walk, before heading back to Eagle River.

It may have been a rainy day.
It may have been a rainy day.

These few days are colder (in the 40s) and rainy/windy.  Apparently rain and wind don’t bother Alaskans, so we attempted a very short (very windy) walk down a nearby trail.  It’s quite pretty, but maybe not with all the wind plus being sick.  We did enjoy the views of the tundra with the changing colors, and being easily above tree line. Other restaurants we enjoyed in Anchorage included the Rustic Goat and Spenard Roadhouse.

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