PAX Prime 2015

August 25 – 31, 2015 – After work on August 25th we headed to the airport and flew out to Seattle.  This wasn’t our first PAX, but it was our first Prime.  Trip highlights:

  • Prime is spread out – REALLY spread out.  Wear you’re walking shoes, but really, it’s not too much walking, just a bit of a logistics challenge if (like us) you try to get to all of your favorite panels.
  • Acquisitions Inc. is really that big of a deal.  We loved the low-key AI shows at East and South, but there was something fun about watching people really get into DnD.
  • The Expo Hall at Prime had plenty of space to move without bumping into people.  This was a pleasant change from other PAX’s, where the hall often gets as crowded as downtown Manhattan.
  • The quality of Indie games seems to be going up.  We got to play a few demos that were pretty fun, and even bought one (Metro).
  • Food options at Prime seem to fewer than other PAX’s, and the food/drink prohibitions more stringent (really guys, it’s WATER in my Nalgene).
  • We did find some good food outside of the show venues – favorites were Monorail Espresso and Mod Pizza.
  • Omegathon was Super Mario Maker, and was (as usual) a fun final event to go to.  The contestants weren’t Mario experts, so the crowd contributed with helpful chants (“Fly! Fly! Fly!”).

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