Serb Fest at St. Stephen Serbian Orthodox Church

July 26, 2015 – We love food festivals, good food, and home cooking, so had to go check out Serb Fest at St. Stephen Serbian Orthodox Church.  We arrived around 3pm on Sunday afternoon, and were pleasantly surprised to find a parking spot within two blocks of the church (and in the shade, since it was a warm summer day).  The admission fee was $1.00 per person, which we gladly paid since the food was so reasonably priced.  We got our food tickets, and started our early dinner with sarma and a cevapcici sandwich.  Sarma is (are?) cabbage rolls, and whoever made these did a fantastic job.  The filling was savory, the cabbage perfectly cooked, and we sopped up every last bit of sauce with the bread that came with the dish.  Cevapcici are tiny sausages, and when served with diced onions on bakery fresh bread are a fantastic sandwich.  They were so good that we went back for seconds. 🙂

While Tony enjoyed his second sandwich Louisa sampled grah i kupus – cabbage, bean, and meat soup.  The soup was hearty and filling, and had a great smokey flavor.  For dessert we tried two coconut cookies – one was two small chocolate cakes with a white filling, coated with coconut and topped with ganache (ruske kape).  The other was a slightly chewy cake filling, coated with more coconut (cupavci).  While both were good, the cupavci were the favorite.

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