Cape Cod Exploration

March 21, 2015 – We had a lovely weekend day and decided to take advantage of it by driving down to Cape Cod.  Along the way we stopped at a 99 Restaurant for lunch.  This chain is one of our favorite local spots, we particularly recommend their fried shrimp and draft beer.

Feeling refreshed we continued towards Wellfleet.  We didn’t have anything particular in mind, just driving around exploring.  We were pleasantly surprised to find large chunks of ice still floating in the water.  There was also a little shack for clamming (I think), that was later turned into a studio.

Louisa couldn’t resist dipping her toes in the water, which was actually warmer than the air temperature. We continued on down the road and initially found a dead end.  We backtracked and found a parking lot by the coast.  We parked and walked down a snow-covered trail towards the water.  We had a view of the sand bar / peninsula where a tavern used to sit back in the 1800s.

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