Celtics Playoff Game

April 26, 2015 – There’s just something about playoff basketball, particularly a potential elimination game.  The doors even opened more than an hour ahead of the game, giving us time to get some General Tso’s chicken tenders and fries, and then get to our seats.  Top row of the nosebleeds, at the top of the stairs (our preferred spot, since we can stand and move in and out easily without obstructing anyone’s view).

The Celtics and Cavs played a good game.  So good that I was surprised to check the score and see we were solidly losing, with the Cavs up by almost 20 points.

The game was physical (the refs didn’t really seem to be in control of it, and it took a flurry of strange calls in the 3rd for them to restore some semblance of order), with multiple players leaving with injuries, and one ejected for throwing a punch.  The Cavs shot lights out from 3-point range in the first half, and despite a slight shooting slump which let the Celtics make the game competitive, were able to prevail.

The Celtics crowd loves their team, and loves to boo the other team.  By the end of the game though, with the outcome decided, the fans gave the Celtics a standing round of applause.

One other thing I like about the Celtics games is the “Heroes Among Us” segment.  Tonight’s honoree was a marine who was retiring after 20 years of service, from Somalia to Iraq to Afghanistan.  He also received a well-deserved standing ovation.

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