Boston Celtics Game

March 4, 2015 – Last night we were fortunate to get great seats (around Section 9, row 20, seats 15-16) for the Celtics vs. Jazz game at the Garden.  We got there early, and had a pleasant walk over to the arena.  Our first goal was to find food.  We settled on a five piece chicken fingers (with General Tso’s sauce) and fries, and a couple bottles of water.  There weren’t any bar tables are spots to eat, so we took the food back to our seats.  The chicken fingers were really good, large and nicely fried, and the sauce was a nice accompaniment.  The fries were normal shoe string fries, but there were a ton of them and they had a nice bit of salt on them.

The game started off very slowly offensively, but by the time the second half started the Celtics got a boost with some nice three point baskets.  The crowd was on its feet for the final minute, and their enthusiasm only dipped momentarily when the Jazz pulled ahead by 1 point with 1.8 seconds left.  The Celtics’ couldn’t get the ball inbounds to Thomas, and called a timeout.  After the timeout the ball was lobbed to Zeller, who had had a rough night from near the basket.  Zeller caught the ball over the defender’s hands, and went back up with it for a little lay in with less than a second to go.  It was a good night at the Garden.

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