Day 2 of Pax South

January 25, 2015 – Highlights of day 2 of Pax South:

  • Visiting the Alamo on our way to the convention center is always a highlight of a trip to San Antonio.  We enjoy the history, quiet (well, unless you wind up in the middle of a school group, with 45 excited third graders), and obvious pride that the locals take in preserving their site.
  • Learning about the new Starships game at the Firaxis Megapanel, and seeing some live gameplay.
  • The Make-a-Strip Panel is another favorite for us, and combines a Q&A with Mike and Jerry actually creating a comic on stage.
  • Quick stroll along the river walk.  The river walk (at least when it isn’t crowded) is a peaceful stroll through the city.
  • Lunch at Azuca Nuevo Latino.  We got there before the dinner rush, and after the late lunch rush finished.  For a starter we went with the tortilla soup.  I’ve never ordered tortilla soup before, but this was good – thick, hearty, well spiced, with big pieces of chicken and lots of crunchy tortilla strands.  We each got the pork, roasted vegetables, and chimichurri as the main course.  The chimichurri was the star of the show, and perfectly complemented the pork.  The bread and butter they brought to the table was interesting (in a good way), similar to a cornbread with bits of sweet corn kernels and something that tasted like dried cherries.  Dessert was a fantastic berry and peach creme brulee, with the caramelized fruit nestled in the thin custard.
  • An Evening with the Kurtz Family – Who knew that transporting a dog via plane could be such a process?
  • Saturday Night Concerts – The Returners were ridiculous and the surprise of the night. That Phantom cover was off the chain.

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