Super Bowl Commercials

February 2, 2015 – Here’s our take on the Super Bowl commercials.  While we love football, we also love creativity, and some companies pull out all the stops for these oh-so-expensive time slots.  So, who were the “winners” and winners?  Keep reading to see what we thought.

Best overall

  • Tony: Liam Neeson (Facebook game)
  • Louisa: Budweiser puppy

Good try at inspiration but car commercials just aren’t that interesting

  • Camry
  • Lexus (all the Lexus commercials)
  • Toyota (even the puppies don’t save the commercial)
  • basically any car commercial, except BMW and Nissan, DCU (with cars)

Strange use of history

  • TurboTax

Jiggle physics doesn’t always work

  • Game of War

Metaphors for the win

  • BMW i3

General marketing fails

  • Minion stripping
  • McDonald’s
  • Katy Perry tweeting in 2010 how she doesn’t watch the Super Bowl
  • Goat meme (Sprint)

Good use of classic rock

  • Nissan

What and why

  • Snickers (Brady Bunch)
  • Nationwide,
  • Airplane weird guy (Doritos)
  • Pierce Brosnan (KIA… it’s a car commercial, don’t know why I thought it would be good)

Annoyed because you took an idea I like and made it all about selling something

  • Carnival cruise ship commercial
  • “This Land is Your Land” / world is a gift Jeep commercial

Works but I don’t know why

  • Skittles arm wrestling
  • eSurance sorta you (only some of the commercials)
  • Budweiser pumpkin peach ale with cool music (beer sounds good, music was fun, so I guess I know why it works)

I lost brain cells forever after watching this

  • T-Mobile and Kim Kardashian
  • T-Mobile and strange snooty people
  • Jeff Bridges ohm’ing and
  • Loctite fanny pack gyrations

Seriously cute

  • Clydesdales and a golden puppy (Bud)

Social commentary win

  • Positive internet (Coke)
  • be a dad (Dove soap)
  • What can we do (Microsoft)
  • Tech bus

Interested but don’t know what they’re selling

  • First draft ever (avocado)
  • Italian village (Viagra? Nope, Fiat)
  • Don Cheetle selling… Don Cheetle?
  • All you Need is Love images (is Ecuador really advertising during the Super Bowl??)
  • Old people (Dodge, well played Dodge, well played)


  • Doritos pigs



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