Downeast Cider House

December 14, 2014 – We like to support local breweries, wineries, and things of that nature when we can, and this past weekend we headed downtown to the Downeast Cider House.  Their building location is in a series of warehouses next to/under a giant overpass.  It’s not too tough to find during the day, but the ambiance is probably a bit different if you go when it’s dark out.

We too the tour, which was interesting, informative, and included cider samples.  The original cider was very good – it actually tastes like cider, but with a kick – and we really liked their spiced winter cider as well (we liked it so much we bought a growler of it after the tour).  The experimental sour cider was interesting, though opinions were split on the cranberry cider and the cider with saison yeast.  They were also selling fantastic home made cider doughnuts which were fantastic (and trust me, we like and have eaten many cider doughnuts).

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