Steelers Game

September 28, 2014 – We were in town for two friends’ wedding, and were fortunate to snag Steelers tickets for the Sunday afternoon game against Tampa Bay.  We’d never been to a Steelers game before, and were excited to go.  The weather cooperated – fairly warm and sunny – and we had no problem getting parking in one of the lots by the Gateway Clipper.  We got the round trip tickets for the Clipper and found a seat in the shade.  The boat was full, even two hours before kickoff, and everyone was decked out in Steelers gear.  The boat ride also afforded a really nice view of the skyline, and Point State Park.

We managed to find some lawn chairs just hanging around on the Gateway Clipper.
We managed to find some lawn chairs just hanging around on the Gateway Clipper.

We saw that the stadium has a no-bag policy, so we left all our bags at the hotel.  What we didn’t count on was a small drawstring holder for a small camera lens counting as a “bag”, but were able to get some of the clear allowed plastic bags by security to carry things.

I want one of these giant towels for my house.
I want one of these giant towels for my house.

The Marshall band was doing a pre-game show outside, and we paused to listen for a bit before heading in to find some souvenirs.  Once we had two commemorative Terrible Towels and two new ball caps, we wandered into the stadium in search of lunch.  Things were getting pretty crowded on the lower level, and since our seats were all the way up we headed up the stairs.  A giant bucket of fries and a foot long hot dog with peppers and onions later, we continued on up to our seats.

That's gonna stain.
That’s gonna stain.

Our seats were just under the awning, and had a good view of the field, score board, and downtown Pittsburgh.  The game was lots of fun to watch, from the Terrible Towels to watching Harrison play.  Unfortunately the score didn’t turn out the way we hoped, but we still enjoyed the atmosphere.  While we originally waited for the Clipper on the way back, we decided to walk across the bridges instead.  The walk was pleasant, maybe 30 minutes or so, with a nice view of the stadium and the Fort Pitt block house.  Once we fought our way through traffic to get to the highway, we were treated to a lovely sunset on our way to get dinner at Eat ‘n Park.

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