Restaurant Review: Lui Lui

November  8, 2014 – We headed to Lui Lui for a casual lunch on a Saturday.  The restaurant was almost empty at 11:30, but was fairly full by the time we left around 1:00.  We were pleasantly surprised to be given very good, warm, fresh rolls (we actually asked for more – they were that good), with herbed olive oil.  Tony opted for the chicken marsala with fresh linguine, and the clam chowder.  Louisa went with the gnocchi with braised pork, kale, butternut squash and browned butter sauce, and a house salad.  The food was very good, the house salad was decent but the star was the clam chowder.  The entrees were also great, the pasta soaked up the cream sauce, as did the chicken,mushrooms, and prosciutto.   Louisa thought her dish was just okay until she added some red pepper flakes, then was quite happy and would definitely recommend anything with the gnocchi/kale/brown butter/butternut squash/braised pork.

Next time we want to try some of their pizzas, some more pastas, soups… most things on the menu look good, and we anticipate many more lunches there.

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