Walking, Memorials, and Birds

April 5, 2014 – The day started out wonderfully sunny and a bit breezy, so we thought a walk along the Mount Vernon Trail sounded good.  We may have thought it was 1.5 miles to Teddy Roosevelt Island; that might have been slightly inaccurate.  However, the walk was lovely and we got a nice view of the water, the Pentagon, various memorials, and a few early Spring songbirds.

Mount Vernon Trail
It was a nice, sunny morning for a walk.

Teddy Roosevelt Island is a neat spot to take a walk through a marsh (complete with boardwalk) within sight of the Kennedy Center.  There are always various ducks or other birds, as well as an interesting memorial-type garden to Roosevelt in the middle of the island.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet
Ruby Crowned Kinglets can be found on the island.

After the trek around the island we headed across the high, long bridge into Georgetown.  It was still a bit early for lunch, but not too early for a snack.  We attempted to eat at a German bakery; 10 minutes of waiting and still no waitress later, we left and went to our old standby, Baked and Wired.  This bakery has ridiculously good cupcakes and mochas.  We enjoyed ours down by the water while watching helicopters fly along the river.

C is for cupcake, and that’s good enough for me.

Now that we were pretty full from the cupcakes and mocha, it was time for lunch.  Which means we trekked back up the hill and wandered along the increasingly-crowded street until we found a spot that looked good – Old Glory BBQ.  The meal started with bite-sized cornbread muffins, and continued on with burnt ends, lots of mac n cheese, and brisket.  The mac n cheese was wonderful, and the brisket was decent (though honestly, nothing like true Texas BBQ… but then most other BBQ is nothing like true Texas BBQ).  The burnt ends were good, though they could have been a bit more tender.  And Old Glory does make a mean sweet tea.  Overall I’d say 3.25/5 – definitely better than a 3, not quite a 3.5.  We would go again though.

WWII Monument
We spent most of the afternoon walking through the National Mall.

So what do you do on a gorgeous, sunny spring day in DC?  Lots of walking!  We walked along the Potomac back to the Lincoln Memorial, saw the Vietnam and WWII memorials, and walked around the tidal basin to Jefferson Memorial.  By now we were ready for a break, so we went into the Air and Space Museum and got ice cream from the McDonald’s inside the museum.  We also wandered around a bit, and admired some of the exhibits (including the one where you can go inside the cockpit of a plane).

Ring Necked Ducks
Yes, we take photos of ducks, like these Ring Necked Ducks, in the middle of cities.

We started walking towards the Washington Monument, and then decided that we actually preferred the closer Smithsonian Metro stop.  Dinner was at Chick fil A, just a short walk from the Crystal City stop.

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