Berlin to Frankfurt

September 14, 2013 – We decided to take a later train to Frankfurt and spend the morning in Berlin.  Our hotel has small lockers where they can store bags (ours fit without difficulty, but larger suitcases might have a problem) after guests check out.

Natural Lighting
We made our way to the museums bright and early.

Our first destination was another world class museum – the Neues Museum.  The main attraction is the bust of Nefertiti.  Personally I preferred the Pergamon Museum, since the sheer massiveness of the items there was very impressive.

Crypt Exhibit
I like Egyptian exhibits, and I like crypts. Therefore, I like this Egyptian crypt exhibit.

We also made it to the Altes Museum for a whirlwind tour of ancient sculpture and artifacts.  A visitor could easily spend a week in Berlin just going through the museums.

I’m WAY too excited about this Dunkin’ Donuts.

We finally got to experience the high speed train on the trip from Berlin to Frankfurt.  We got a picnic lunch for the train ride, complete with a Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Dinner was at a fairly good traditional German restaurant in the Frankfurt Airport train station, Paulaner in the Square.  Our hotel for the night is also right in the train station, with easy access to the airport.  We’ll be able to leave our bags there in the morning, have part of the day to explore, and then collect them before the flight home.

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