Niagara Falls in Winter

January 11, 2014 – We haven’t been to The Falls in a few years, and given the chance of seeing some cool ice formations (even with the January thaw) we thought now was a good time.  There was a chance of rain, but no thunderstorms.  And it did rain, but the mist from the Falls and the dense fog in the air probably contributed more to the damp and the chill than the rain itself.  Fortunately for us, we happened upon an open Tim Horton’s, and enjoyed a mocha, a latte and two doughnuts (chocolate glazed with chocolate, and a warm apple fritter).

We started out by parking at a fairly cheap parking lot a few blocks from the Falls, and walked down the (fortunately treated) sidewalks.  The Falls were loud, but completely shrouded in mist and fog.  As we walked closer to the Horseshoe Falls,  the mist and fog cleared a bit and we were able to see half of the Falls.  We could also finally see the very thick dam of ice at the base of the falls, stretching down the river.

We also did a quick stop at Goat Island.  Everything – paths, sidewalks, snow banks and parking lots – was iced over and frozen.  We did a quick walk over to the railing to see if we could get a view of the Falls and the river, then quickly headed back to the warm car just as the rain started.

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