Salzburg to Nuremberg via Munich

September 8, 2013 – Once we got over the initial shock of Salzburg seeming like a large city after the tiny town of Mittenwald, we greatly enjoyed our time there and would gladly go back.  We took one final stroll along the water in the morning before heading to the train station.  The early morning walk was perfect – few people were out, the street beggars weren’t yet set up, and everything seemed so calm and peaceful.

Clock Tower
There is some interesting architecture just a few blocks away from the Munich Hbf.

The train ride was going to be a longer one, since we were headed to Nuremberg.  Our first stop was an hour layover in Munich.  We schlepped our gear about a mile to Marienplatz, past the various stores and old buildings to the square.  We admired the clock tower and the church, but didn’t stay long.  Munich seems like it would a nice city to visit if you have a few days and can stay overnight.  This would let you avoid the tourist shopping area full of chain stores, which is usually one of our (or at least my) least favorite areas of any city.

Cool Ship
Ships on a Building – Enough said.

We did like the food at the Munich train station – butter pretzels, good drinks, pastries, sausages.  Just a hint, if you’re forming a line start it inside the store (not outside); the line will weave around the aisles rather than go outside.  The very helpful woman who told us this (in German) said something about going inside and being welcome…. I guess customers are more like guests?

Nurnberg Clocktower
Yes, we like clock towers.

The trip to Nuremberg  took several hours, but we enjoyed watching the scenery pass.  It turns out that we got to the hotel before the lobby opened, so we occupied our time at a nearby outdoor cafe.  Beer and a fabulous sundae with chocolate sauce, bananas, wafers, and banana liquor were the order of the day.  As a side note, the outdoor dining opportunities in Germany are wonderful.

Awesome Dessert
There are no words that can describe how awesome this dessert was.

Once we checked into the hotel we dropped off our gear, grabbed our umbrellas and went looking for dinner.  We wound up at a small place a block or two down the road; Tony greatly enjoyed his meal, and Louisa got to try carpaccio with fresh lemon… let’s just say that she can’t pronounce kasespatzle as well as she thought.  😉

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