Quebec City

July 28, 2013 – Sunday morning we hopped in the car and headed to Quebec City.  Quebec City (known as just Quebec by the locals) is about 2.5 hours from Montreal, and we arrived just before lunchtime.  Along the way we passed through beautiful farm country, and made the  obligatory stop at Tim Hortons for an iced mocha and an iced cappuccino.  Both drinks were excellent, and we were pleased to discover that the cappuccino was more like a milkshake, blended with what tasted like ice cream.

Informative Bust
Informative Bust… check.

Once we reached Quebec we realized parking might be a bit of a challenge, since there was a bike race in town that morning.  Fortunately we found a small church parking lot with public parking, and easy access to the Plains of Abraham battlefield park.

Plains Of Abraham
Plains Of Abraham… check.

The park itself is beautiful, with lots of green, rolling hills, and plenty of walking trails.  We followed the park up to the Old Town, and then meandered through cobblestone streets until we found a little spot for lunch.  We enjoyed crepes at Petit Chateau (tasty, but tough – 6.5/10) and beer, and listened to a musician play Billy Joel covers while accompanying his guitar playing with a harmonica.

Giant Town Wall
Giant Town Wall… check.

After lunch we looped around to the massive hotel, Le Chateau Frontenac.  Their patio offers a great view of the river, and you can look through glass-covered domes to see ruins of the old fort below the patio.  Nearby there’s also a rather large statue of Samuel de Champlain surveying the town square.

Giant Chateau
Giant Chateau… check.

From the patio we walked back towards the town, wall, then along the wall over to the Quebec Citadel.  The Citadel is still an active military base, and offers tours (we opted for the one in English) for a small fee.  Our tour guide was very good, both funny and informative.

At The Citadel
Payment from Quebec City for writing this post… no check.

By now it was after 4pm, and we quickly walked back through the Plains of Abraham battlefield, past a restored Martello tower, and to our car.  Along the way we stopped to read a few interpretative signs about Huron vs Iroquois warfare, as well as the end of New France after the battle.


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