Review: Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth, NH

We were in Portsmouth, NH around lunch time.  Which meant we wanted to get lunch, preferably somewhere with good food.

The Portsmouth Brewery has great food, and very good beer.  Tony tried the scallop mac ‘n cheese – the scallops were cooked and seasoned perfectly, and the mac ‘n cheese had a generous amount of white cheddar which gave the pasta a bit of a “bite”; the buttered bread crumbs on top were just a (very tasty) added bonus.  Louisa tried the grilled salmon ban mi, which was grilled salmon with lettuce, pickled veggies, herbs, chili paste and mayo, all on a crispy baguette – it was fantastic.

Based on our beer preferences, our server recommended two different beers for us to try; one in the Russian imperial style (pitch black and pours like motor oil; also incredibly tasty) and a red (reminiscent of an English ale, quite refreshing).  We definitely want to go back to try more of their food and drink.

The only downside?  It’s a brewery, which comes with high ceilings and more wood than fabric, so it can get a bit loud.  The items coming out of the kitchen and casks more than make up for this slight downside.  We’d definitely recommend the Portsmouth Brewery for great food and drink.

Portsmouth Brewery on Urbanspoon

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