Dinosaur Tracks and NYPD for Brunch

July 15, 2012 – Today we headed down to Connecticut to visit Dinosaur State Park. The park preserves a series of dinosaur footprints currently protected and enclosed by the museum building. There are hundreds of other prints currently burried beneath soil; the state plans to unearth those tracks and enclose them in a giant dome, when (and if) funding comes through. The park grounds also offer hiking trails, and an interesting chronology of the various major periods within Earth’s history.

Dino Prints
The dinosaur prints are very well preserved.

We enjoyed lunch at New York Pickle Deli (NYPD) for lunch.  Actually, since it was Sunday, they were just serving brunch but the food was still good. They had good coffee and good food – Irish benedict with corned beef; Swiss eggs with scrambled eggs and Swiss cheese; a sausage sandwich and stuffed pancakes. The corned beef hash was excellent, regardless of what else you try we’d recommend getting it at least as a side dish.


New York Pickle Deli on Urbanspoon

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