The Breakers and Newport Cliff Walk

July 13, 2012 – Louisa’s folks stopped by on their way to a 40th wedding anniversary trip to Maine (happy anniversary!). On Friday, July 13th (side note – who else loves Friday the 13th?) we rearranged the furniture in the apartment and had pizza from Linguine’s. Major props to the parents for driving from Buffalo and then moving furniture for a few hours. But the apartment looks much better now.

There is no shortage of mansions in Newport.

July 14, 2012 – On Saturday we all got breakfast at the apartment, then hit the road towards Providence, RI. Traffic wasn’t too bad for most of the drive, though once the interstate ended things got a lot more crowded (probably because of red lights). We got a picnic lunch from Stop ‘n Shop, complete with onion rolls, lunch meat and cheese, chips, and some great cupcakes/muffins/donuts (depending on personal preference).

No cliff walk is complete without spotting cormorants.

We made it to Newport, and were greated with a wall of traffic. Fortunately Tony found a back road that took us right over to the Breakers and the Cliff Walk. The Breakers was one of the summer cottages built by the Vanderbilts; and if by summer cottage you picture massive ceilings, marble, granite, Italian art, and over-the-top oppulance, you’d be on the right track. Visitors can wander on their own or listen to a tape-recorded guided tour which gives some information on the different rooms as well as some of the family history. After touring the house we wandered along the ocean for a bit before heading back towards Boston for pizza and ice cream.

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