Pawsox Baseball Game

July 12, 2012 – Thursday night we ventured down to Pawtucket, RI, to see the Pawtucket Red Sox (aka “Pawsox”) game against the Buffalo Bisons.  It was a warm Thursday afternoon, perfect for a ballgame.  Traffic wasn’t too heavy, and we made it to Pawtucket in 45-60 minutes.  The lots were already starting to fill up, but we got a parking spot on the side of the road and joined the line of people heading into the stadium.

Pawsox Statue
Like most ballparks, you’ll find various statues and landscaping on your way to the gates.

Tonight’s promotion was “Christmas in July” complete with snow globe souvenirs, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, garland, and Christmas music piped throughout the ball park.  Our first priority was getting food.  We split a jumbo hot dog; while we’re still fans of Sahlen’s hot dogs, Kayem makes a pretty good beef dog.  The jumbo is slightly bigger than a regular hot dog, but not any longer.  We also split an order of cheese fries.  The fries were the surprise winner of the evening, consisting of a small basket full of salty shoe string fries generously topped with nacho cheese.  We recommend grabbing forks and lots of napkins, since you’ll eventually wind up needing them.  We also recommend the hot dogs, and highly recommend the cheese fries.  We took our dinner selections down to our seats – right behind home plate.

Great Seats
We had great seats for the game…

We had great views of the field, the pitches, and all the interactions as the Pawsox repeatedly stalled the Bisons’ momentum by calling for conferences with the pitcher and actual pitching changes.  By the end of the game even the Pawsox fans (more on them in a bit) were wondering how many pitchers were left in their bullpen.  Now, to the fans.  They’re rabid.  I mean, really rabid – they heckled the ump, their ball boy, opposing players, and their own players when they did something eggregiously wrong.  And they remembered these infractions, and made sure to remind the players of them the next time they got up to bat.

Baseball Hit
…that let us make good use of our zoom lens.

Needless to say, Louisa kept her pro-Bison sentiments to herself for the vast majority of the game.  Until the end, that is.  The Bisons were down at the top of the 9th, with two outs and two strikes.  But for some reason, the Pawsox wanted to slow the game down a bit more, maybe because there was one guy on first.  So they switched pitchers.  And the new pitcher walked in four runs.  The Bisons’ closer was the best in the league and he promptly dispatched all three Pawsox batters.  Bisons win!


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