Rhode Island Coastal Towns

June 16, 2012 – We’ve only been to Rhode Island once before, and that was just a quick stop for dinner.  So when we had a free weekend day, we wanted to to explore the Providence, RI, area in a little more depth.

Newport Bridge
Because of the vast amount of coastline in Rhode Island, there are many bridges.

First up was Bertucci’s Pizza back in MA.  We each got an individual pizza, and Louisa tried the house salad as well.  The pizza was good, with a very thin crust and good cheese.  Louisa just got the cheese and pepperoni, and thought the sauce and pepperoni were too mild.  The sauce is virtually unspiced, and has a very strong tomato flavor.  However, it serves as a good base for heartier toppings, particularly the meatballs and Italian sausage.  The Ultimate Bertucci is a pizza that really showcases  these toppings, including sausage, rosemary ham, meatballs, and chicken on a different quarter of the pizza.  We particularly liked the brick oven flavor of the pizza, but the Ultimate Bertucci had a definite edge over the cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Jamestown Lighthouse
Beavertail Lighthouse is a good place to learn about the area’s history.

Once we reached Rhode Island, we headed towards Jamestown to check out Beavertail Lighthouse.  One of the workers grew up there, as his father was the keeper during the major hurricane that hit back in 1938.  At that time there was virtually no weather forecasting, and the results for the community were disastrous.

Conanicut Quaker Meeting House
The Conanicut Quaker Meeting House was built between 1786-1787.

On the way back from the light house we stopped at a Quaker meeting house.  The worker there was from Philadelphia, PA.  While he wasn’t a Quaker, he went to a Quaker high school and gave us a brief overview of the differences between the more traditional East coast Quakers and the more liberal, “dancing in the isles” West coast Quakers.  We also passed by an old fashioned windmill, but it was closing in 5 minutes so we didn’t stop in.

Yes, I (Tony) did ensure that the label read “hard lemonade” so that we didn’t mix up our lemoncello and sparkling lemonade.

Finally, what trip over the MA border would be complete without stopping for a little Everclear?  We wanted it to make limoncello, since we’d heard the flavor would be better.  We followed the following ingredients list for homemade Limoncello (used 750 ml Everclear, 11 lemons, 750 ml water, 2 heaping cups sugar), then let it sit for 5-6 days or until the lemon zest is white.  It’s actually quite good as an after dinner drink.

Fort Adams
We were not able to tour Fort Adams, but we did grab some photos through the barred gates.

Next up we ventured through the busy tourist area of downtown Newport on our way to Fort Adams.  We didn’t realize this was the America’s Cup prepping area, but we had an opportunity to check out some of the boats (or at least what was currently visible) as we walked around Ft. Adams.  Dinner was seafood in East Providence, called the Horton’s Seafood.  We would recommend it for fried seafood, including great fried fish, shrimp, and scallops, and good french fries.  We’d suggest you skip the coleslaw as it tasted slightly metallic to Louisa.  Tony isn’t a coleslaw fan, so he doesn’t have an opinion on that. 🙂


Bertuccis Brick Oven Pizzeria on Urbanspoon Horton's Sea Food Market on Urbanspoon

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