Well, that was an exciting 1000 miles

May 11-12, 2012 – Moving always brings its own challenges; packing, cleaning, sending stuff you actually did need with the movers (thank goodness for Walmart), and driving 1000 miles in just over a day.  The movers were pretty good, they just showed up an hour and half outside their two hour window.  But, we still made it to Fayetteville, NC, and our hotel was good.  Actually, that’s a story in itself.  We wanted to stay in Florence, but there was a NASCAR event in a nearby town and, well, any hotel you’d even think about staying at was booked solid.

Anyway, we made it to NC, got some rest, and were on the road again.  Highlights included driving through the pretty southern VA countryside and snagging lunch at McDonald’s in Thornburg, VA; passing by DC and spotting the Washington Monument, Capitol dome, and Jefferson Memorial; not getting hit by Maryland drivers (unlike the two multi-car wrecks we saw); getting stuck in traffic for 3 hours in the Baltimore Washington Parkway; enjoying the openness of the NJ turnpike; Popeye’s chicken (go with the fries, skip the mac ‘n cheese) on the turnpike; seeing the NYC skyline; driving through Queens at 9pm on a Friday night; going through Delaware and Connecticut; and finally reaching our hotel in MA.

Now to unpack, do a bit of exploring, and wait for the movers!

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