Restaurant review: Graze

We’ve heard good things about Graze.  I mean, what’s not to like about a changing, eclectic menu with dishes such as lobster mac ‘n cheese, Buffalo shrimp tacos with blue cheese slaw, shrimp bisque, and steak?  So we headed over after work for a dinner date.  We did make reservations, but they weren’t necessary – the restaurant always had a few two-seaters open.

Tony was feeling like some drinks, and they did provide an interesting martini menu.  Louisa opted for a plain raspberry, while Tony’s first choice (a root beer martini) was out of stock; instead he went for the old standby, the lemon drop.  The lemon drop was quite good (though would have been better with a sugared rim, just my preference) but the raspberry was quite strong (and not in a good way).

We started with the Buffalo shrimp tacos and the shrimp bisque.  The tacos, a special for that evening, were fantastic – fresh shrimp, still-crunchy slaw, blue cheese, and the house Buffalo sauce was authentic.  This might have been the best dish of the night.  The shrimp bisque was thick, spicy… and creamy.  Very creamy… as in, all the shrimp had been blended.  The flavor was good, though.

For entrees we went with the appetizer lobster mac ‘n cheese and the black pepper and lime sea scallops.  The mac ‘n cheese was quite good, and the portion is generous.  The pasta was thicker, small half circles (quite good) and the cheese sauce was smoky;  lobster was a bit chewy, but that will happen.  Overall we really liked this dish.  Scallops were large and cooked perfectly, though we were split on what we thought of the chorizo and sweet pea risotto.  Tony, not a fan of smoked sausage, did not like the chorizo; there were also quite a few peas.  Louisa loved the chorizo, but questioned the inclusion of cheese (cheddar?) in the risotto; it was tasty, but might have been better paired with a Southern fried chicken dish than the scallops.

Overall we would go back, but maybe try some different things on the menu.

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