Review: The Barbeque Joint

Okay, so we haven’t been to The Barbeque Joint’s store in North Charleston, but we did get to sample their great food from their food truck.  (And is it just me, or is there just something so very cool about food trucks?  I love them – maybe it’s the mobile aspect?)  Anyway, we tried a pulled pork sandwich, with the spicy/KC style sauce, and a side of mac n cheese.  The sandwich was amazing – some of the moistest, leanest, most tender (and non-vinegar-laden) pork we’ve ever had.  This stuff was seriously good, made even better by your sauce of choice.  As I mentioned we’re suckers for the Kansas City style sauces with a bit of heat, a bit of sweet, and this sauce didn’t disappoint.  It perfectly complemented the pork without overwhelming it.  The bun was basic but fresh, what more could you ask for?

As for the mac n cheese, it’s cheesy and buttery and topped with a nice layer of more cheese… and we were immediately split on what we thought.  One of us loved it from the get go, the other wasn’t sure (but kept eating it anyway – and by the end of the dish was a fan).  It’s got a bit of a tangy taste to it, different but good.  If you’re not sure if you like it, just keep eating, it will win you over. 😉

We highly recommend the food truck, and if the food truck is this good we imagine the brick and mortar store would be good too!

The Barbeque Joint on Urbanspoon

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