Review: Heart Woodfire Kitchen

Heart Woodfire Kitchen has a diverse menu emphasizing fresh ingredients, and an industrial/spartan vibe (it does get loud when it’s crowded – and it will get crowded).  We sampled the pork green chili with thick pieces of tender pork, a few diced carrot pieces, and topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream.  If you like green chili, you should try Heart’s version.  Entree #1 was a roast beef sandwich with horseradish, cheese, mayo with roasted red and green peppers and mushrooms, on a fresh roll, and a side of  roasted veggies seasoned with lemon and olive oil.  The sandwich was great, my second favorite roast beef sandwich (after beef on weck with horseradish… anyone from Western NY will know what I mean).  Entree #2 was a New York strip steak with a garlic/pesto-ish sauce, fried mashed potato bites, and a side salad (which Louisa got to eat).  The steak was cooked wonderfully, and had a good seasoning, and the potatoes were a must-try.  Drinks were a great Holy City Porter, and another drink called a Mule, made with vodka/ginger beer/lime juice/thyme.  (The beer was better than the mixed drink.)

Heart Woodfire Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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