Review: Smoky Oak Taproom

We like BBQ. Unfortunately, we don’t like sauces that are heavy on the vinegar or mustard, and we’re in the heart of Carolina BBQ country. Fortunately for us we found Smoky Oak Taproom on James Island. Yes, it’s a bit of a trek from Charleston, but they’ve got great brisket and pulled pork (the ribs are nicely smoked but rather dry, fatty, and skimpy on the meat). The spicy and KC style sauces were very good, and the mustard was good if you’re into that sort of thing. Mac and cheese was an excellent side dish, regardless of whether you think you’re a mac and cheese person or not; the crispy, cheesy top might have been the best part, though the use of cheddar cheese in the sauce may have also contributed to the great taste. The hash and rice (it’s a Southern thing) were well done, but nothing mind-blowing, we’d probably skip this side next time and try something else. The meal also came with a little, sweet and delicious corn muffin.

For those who might want a beer or two, this is also a great stop since they have over 3.5 dozen taps. We settled on the pear cider (fantastic, even better than the apple) and a few darker brews.

Smoky Oak Taproom on Urbanspoon

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