New Year’s Vacationing

NY Farm
Knox Farm provides great winter walking trails.

January 1, 2012 – Thanks to the holiday calendar and hoarding vacation time, we were able to spend a few days visiting the (non-frozen, barely even snow-kissed, North).  There was a dusting of snow for Christmas, but other than that it’s been rain or (gasp!) sun (woo-hoo!).  We’ve taken advantage by visiting Knox Farm State Park, and also by driving up to Niagara Falls.  We went to the Falls on a colder day; the mist from the Falls was frozen on the trees, bushes, and buildings on both the American and Canadian sides.  The air temp also dropped noticeably and the wind increased as you neared the mist given off by the water.  The Niagara River, however, wasn’t even close to being frozen – though it was quite high, and fast moving.  The local ducks didn’t seem to mind, and neither did the little song birds hopping around in the trees.

The Falls
Canada provided a great view of Bridal Veil Falls and Goat Island.

Just a word for people walking across the border – the waits weren’t long, but you do need $0.50 per person to get back from the Canadian to the American side.  And while the Canadian customs officer was almost friendly, the American officer was much more the typical brusque brand.

Scratching Post
My (Tony) leg was voted favorite scratching post on the trip.

We had a great time – lots of relaxing, games, good company and great food.  Beyond the home-made goodies (beef on weck, Christmas cookies, breakfast casserole, hummus, coffee cake with maple syrup icing, Christmas coffee cake and caramels), we got Antoinette’s marshmallow sauce (to go with some home made hot fudge!), ate New Year’s Even dinner at Pasquale’s (where we enjoyed the classic cheese/pepperoni/mushroom pizza, cheese/pepperoni/green olive pizza, and an appetizer sampler), tried the Pizza at Santora’s, and got some amazing BBQ wing’s.

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