Restaurant Review: Twist Sports Bar and Grill

A warm and slightly rainy evening calls for a fun dinner out.  Tonight we headed over to Twist Sports Bar and Grill in West Ashley.  Since it’s a sports bar, it’s rather noisy and there are football games on every tv (and there are well over a dozen tvs).  We got seats at a high bar table in the middle of the room and perused the menu.  We wanted to try a few different things, so settled on sharing some appetizers – Charleston spring rolls with Cajun shrimp and grits, Crawfish mac ‘n cheese bites, and a dozen Teriyaki chicken wings.  Our food arrived pretty quickly, it was warm and the portions were generous – so far so good.

We started with the mac ‘n cheese bites – they were quite good, and the Crawfish was actually very tender.  The aioli wasn’t very strongly seasoned, so those who don’t like mayo might want to ask them to hold the aioli (or serve it on the side).  The wings were decently seasoned but not heavily sauced, and they could have been a bit crunchier.  The chicken was cooked nicely, though, and was very moist.  If you aren’t a wing snob or a sauce fanatic, and feel like wings, go for it.  The star of the show was the spring rolls – perfectly crunchy, with a spicy filling thanks to the Cajun spices.  Overall we would go there again, but take care to avoid nights when they show UFC or some other high-draw event (unless you want to watch it and not talk with your dining partners, in which case have fun!).

Twist Sports Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

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