Back Over the Road and Through the Woods to Iceberg Lake we Go

September 6, 2011 – We hustled out in the morning to head back over Going to the Sun Road; although we enjoyed some great views of the sun’s first rays hitting the limestone peaks, our real destination was Iceberg Lake.  The trail had been opened at 2:15 yesterday, and we couldn’t let the opportunity to hike it pass us by.

Mini Iceberg Lake
There are ample wildflowers by Mini Iceberg Lake. (as we like to call it)

The hike itself wasn’t too bad, 9 miles round trip – of course, we were still feeling the 11 and 15 mile hikes from yesterday and the day before. 😉  Nevertheless the trail had a fairly gentle grade, and some great views.  And a bear about 100 yards up the hillside, but he wasn’t too concerned with us!

Iceberg Lake
Yes, the water in Iceberg Lake really is that blue.

Iceberg Lake itself still had a lot of icebergs in it, and the water was a brilliant turquoise.  An added bonus was a young bull moose we spotted a few dozen yards from the pit toilet.  He was happily eating some young grasses or maybe wildflowers.  Fortunately there were still plenty to look at!  On the way back we enjoyed some nice views of the valley.

Iceberg Lake Closeup
We were surprised to see icebergs this late in the summer.

We both enjoyed emu burgers with onion rings/BBQ sauce/cheddar cheese for dinner, and then hit the road to get back to Lake MacDonald.  We tried a huckleberry pie smoothie (an actual piece of huckleberry pie blended with milk and frozen yogurt) from Eddie’s Restaurant, but were rather underwhelmed.  Great views from the balcony of the sunset on the mountains across the crystal clear lake more than made up for the ho-hum dessert!

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