Visiting Boise, Idaho

Grand Tetons
Our flight took us over the Grand Tetons.

July 15, 2011 – We had a great long weekend visiting some friends in Idaho!  Since were were flying we were able to take some unique views from the plane, including seeing the Tetons stretching off into the distance.

Driving The F-150
The F-150 was a worthy steed during our time in Idaho.

When we got to the Boise airport we were given the choice of rental cars.  We were originally offered a Ford F-150, but weren’t quite sure if we felt like that big of a truck.  Since the other option was a Hyundai Accent, the truck (a nice grey 4×4) it was!

Downtown Boise
No, Boise doesn't have a problem with earthquakes or high water pressure.

First up was lunch.  Louisa was craving a bison burger (something about being west of the Mississippi), so we did a quick search on the phone (thanks Android) and found the Boise Fry Company.  Burgers as the side, and fries as the main course?  Yes please and thank you.  We tried the bison burgers (fantastic), the purple fries (with thyme and salt seasoning) and the okinawa fries (also purple) (with the vanilla salt seasoning).  Louisa also enjoyed sampling the varieties of ketchup, with her favorite being the pear with the okinawa fries.  We’d definitely get lunch here the next time we’re in Boise.

The Huckleberry Lemon Drop is a great drink at Bardenay.

What visit would be complete without a visit to the Basque section of the city?  Since that’s a rhetorical question, a visit to Boise just wouldn’t be a “real” visit without at least one trip to Bardenay.  Bardenay is a fabulous restaurant/small batch distillery, with the original restaurant on the Basque street.  Anyway, we had a fantastic meal.  I really don’t think there’s a bad thing on their menu, everything was fantastic.  We were there for brunch, and sampled the biscuits and gravy, black bean and sweet potato chimichanga, and an adult coffee drink.  The biscuits and gravy were declared the best ever, and the chimichanga was delicious.  The coffee was quite good as well!

Motor Vu
The double header at the Motor Vu was a great way to spend a weekend evening.

We’ve never been to a drive in movie; fortunately the Parma Motor Vu is near Boise.  We piled into our respective trucks and headed out to see a double header, first Super 8 and the 11:45 showing of X-men first class.  Thankfully we had a Ford F-150 4×4, and a futon mattress (plus a few blankets!) borrowed from Faith and Josh.  We also had a great view of the moon as it rose, bright and orange, behind us, and of some shooting stars overhead.

Boise Capitol
The capitol building is a must-see when touring the city.

Granted, we got to bed at 3am… but it was our final day and we had a mission: get downtown and get food when Bardenay opened.  So, we got some coffee, rolled out of bed, and found ourselves wandering through the state capitol building since we had a few extra minutes.  The architecture was pretty, and the marble work was beautiful.

Driving In Boise
You will find a mountain backdrop when driving through Boise.

We had a plane to catch, but just couldn’t pass up another (albeit quick) lunch at Bardenay.  This time we tried the plank grilled salmon (fantastic) with quinoa, and the house-roasted turkey BLT and side salad with champagne vinaigrette.  We also tried a huckleberry lemon drop, with house distilled lemon vodka.  Very refreshing, light, and fantastic, like everything else.


Boise Fry Company on Urbanspoon Bardenay on Urbanspoon

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