DC Walking Tour – Arlington to Georgetown

Us At Potbelly
Potbelly is a great spot for a quick lunch.

June 26, 2011 – Since one day (or even a few!) isn’t really enough to experience DC, we once again took the metro back into the city.  This time we had no agenda or plan, just wander where the feeling took us.

Marine Corps
The Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima) is one of Tony’s favorites in DC.

First up was Potbelly for lunch (as usual, we recommend the mushroom melt, meatball sub, chicken and cheddar sub or the garbanzo bean salad).  We haden’t been to the Marine Corps Memorial (i.e. the Iwo Jima Memorial) in awhile, so that was next up today.  We took the metro to Arlington, then walked through the cemetery past a bell tower and to the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Like much of DC, Georgetown University contains many examples of great architecture.

From there we headed over the bridge into Georgetown and to Georgetown University.  It was some sort of move in day, so students and there parents were meandering into and out of the residence halls.  We rested for a few minutes on a shady bench and then walked the few blocks to Baked and Wired for a cupcake snack.  Today’s choice was vanilla cake, dulce de leche filling, chocolate hazelnut icing, enjoyed while overlooking the C&O canal.  If you’re anywhere near Georgetown we highly recommend Baked and Wired for a sweet treat and some caffeine!

We weren’t the only ones touring Georgetown.

The rest of the day was lots of walking, with a few stops thrown in to keep things interesting.  We walked to Foggy Bottom metro stop and took the train over to the Smithsonian stop.  It was too late to really have much time to spend at the museums, so instead we walked over to Jefferson Memorial and then got a pretzel from a street vendor on our way back to L’Enfant Plaza.  We took to the metro out of the city and went to Five Guys (naturally 😉 )for dinner.

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