Exploring Virginia: Prince William Forest and DC Drizzle

Forest Walk
It was a nice day for a forest walk.

April 30, 2011 – It was a beautiful early Spring Saturday in Virginia.  We’d been inside (well, at work) all week and wanted a chance to connect with some nature.  Prince William Forest seemed like a logical choice… until we discovered that we would be connecting with both nature and a dog show.  A bit of yappiness, some happy (?) jumping, and lots of shedding on the part of the dogs didn’t do much to dampen the day, though the big “puppies” freaked Louisa out a bit with their enthusiasm and ability to slobber.

Beaver Tree
Apparently the forest has a healthy beaver population.

Once safely past the dogs we enjoyed hiking along a creek towards an old mine.  The area was environmentally destroyed back in the late 1800s due to the mine, but has since been reclaimed and is a scenic hillside.  Only a few ruins remain of the mine.

You’re never too old to play on the playground.

Bella Cafe, by Quantico, was our post-hike stop.  The clam chowder with bacon was tasty, although the sandwiches were rather mediocre.  Overall, the shop was cute and styled more like a small living room, including space for karaoke, books, and board games.  On our next stop we plan to try their huge smoothies/shakes.

Impressed by the columns at the Lincoln Memorial.

April 1, 2011 – Sunday dawned nice and cloudy, so we decided on a walk through DC.  It was a bit rainy/drizzly, but we still enjoyed walking past the Lincoln Memorial and over to the WWII monument.  Our travels eventually took us towards the MCI Center – and then promptly away from it when we realized the Caps were playing that night.  Of course, the hordes of fans dressed in jerseys, filling the sports bars, metro, and sidewalks, should have been our first clue. 😉

Dinner was our usual Five Guy’s post-DC date. 🙂

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