Wild Horses, a Long Bridge and Home

August 23, 2010 – This morning we slept in a bit, since we arrived at the hotel so late.  The rest was definitely appreciated, especially since we decided to make the most of the drive back to South Carolina.

Beach Walk
Enjoying a beach walk on Assateague Island.

We headed out on the road and wandered over to Assateague Island National Seashore.We were hoping to be able to see some of the wild horses, but weren’t prepared to see a few horses and their babies cross the road, or a horse decide to take a dust bath, before we were even into the park!  Once in the park, we saw a few more horses, some of which were off in the distance.  We also attempted to go for a hike, though there were so many mosquitoes that we ran back to the car and went to the ocean instead.  The weather was perfect, and the waves were huge!  It might have just been the tides, or it could have been the remnants of the tropical storm, but if you were a surfer the conditions were great.

Ruddy Turnstone
This Ruddy Turnstone was one of the many birds along the bay bridge.

After the island, we drove towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Before getting to the bridge, we also saw a group of about six ospreys sitting in a grove of dead trees.  We also may have made a (legal) u-turn to drive by the birds again. 😉  The drive across the bridge, and through the tunnel, was fun, as usual.  We stopped to walk along the fishing pier, being careful to avoid bird droppings, food spills, and dead fish parts.  The view from the pier made the debris-dodging worth it, though. After checking out the pier, we continued the (long, slightly rainy) drive back to Charleston.

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