Cheese, Syrup, and Traffic

August 22, 2010 – We ate breakfast at the Bagel Depot in St. Johnsbury, and then headed towards Cabot.  The bagels were good, though the garlic may have overpowered any other bagels it got near.  Still, breakfast, and coffee, were good.

There were a few kestrels like this one flying around the hills of Vermont.

The Cabot Creamery is headquartered in Cabot, VT.  It’s a dairy cooperative with over 1200 current members.  To get to Cabot, you definitely have to drive through farm country; Cabot itself is a funky little town surrounded by dirt back roads and dairy farms.  We toured the factory and got to see some of the curds being worked in preparation for making cheese.  The factory is fairly automated – one of the machines is painted like a cow, complete with cow head.  We were also able to sample many different cheddars (including a great cloth wrapped aged cheddar ), flavored cheeses (sage, Buffalo sauce, tiki masala, habanero, horseradish), Colby jack, Monterey, and whey butter, which is good,  rich and salty.  Cabot was also the first American creamery to import cheeses to some European countries (such as England), and the first to win an award at European cheese festival.

Maple Syrup
No, we could not bring this overly large container of maple syrup home with us.

We bought crackers and a brick of wicked sharp Adirondack cheddar (yes, that’s the name, it’s made in the Adirondack creamery) to snack on throughout the day and then drove over to Maple Grove farm factory for syrup tasting.  We both like the Grade A dark amber syrup the best, and neither of us is a huge fan of maple syrup candy.

Entering Pawtucket.

Our tour through the mid Atlantic continued, and we stopped for dinner in Rhode Island at the Bella Pasta Restaurant.  Dinner was very good – seafood and ricotta filled manicotti (topped with marinara and mozzarella) and mushroom ravioli with additional mushrooms, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes and a mushroom cream sauce.

New York At Night
No, the camera wasn’t high. It was just really dark outside.

Despite lots of rain and crazy traffic (including a detour towards Harftord, CT), both cleared in time for us to enjoy the New York City skyline at night.

After a late night of driving, and dealing with Boston, NY, and Philly traffic, we were glad to arrive at a nice hotel in Delaware.

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