Finals and PA Weekend

Murphy had fun that weekend too.

December 11-12, 2009 – So what if you’re taking 5 finals, and have spent all your time studying for the first (hardest one)?  Time to pack your gear (laptop, books, notes, coffee) and head to PA.  (Of course, the fact that you spent years promising to never again go to the Rectangle State doesn’t really factor in when you marry a guy who grew up there.)  Friday the 11th we drove to PA, and got to spend a Saturday studying (if you’re Louisa) or relaxing (if you’re Tony).  That night we were glad to get to visit with some good friends, and wound up staying the night at their place.  Good thing we did, because the next morning we were greeted with a freezing rain that shut down the Interstates and main roads.  Weather forecasters said the last time the roads were shut down like that was back in 1983.  Yep.  So, our friends graciously put on another pot of coffee, fed us, and let us play their video games / hijack their internet connection.  (Thanks guys!)  We eventually made it back to Tony’s parents’ house, and then down to Blacksburg.  Louisa’s pretty sure it was the most fun she’s had in a finals weekend; except for the year a guy dressed as a giant panda and went running through the library.

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