Old Faithful Geyser Area at Yellowstone

Bright Morning
Bright and Sunny!

August 3, 2009 – We spent the previous night at the Old Faithful cabins.  The cabins were single level duplexes, and were rather old and small.  However, they were also right by Old Faithful and the geysers, as well as the Old Faithful Lodge dining room.  After enjoying a nice breakfast, we decided to spend the day seeing a variety of geysers.

Castle Geyser
We think this is Castle Geyser. 🙂

We began our day by hiking down the boardwalk, and were fortunate to arrive at the end (i.e. the last few hours) of the Castle Geyser eruption.  We admired the geyser for a few minutes, and then wandered down and across the river, where we saw sputtering from another small geyser as well as Scallop Spring.  We also saw Sawmill Geyser doing it’s geyser thing, as well as long-distance views of Old Faithful and Daisy Geyser.

Morning Glory Pool
Morning Glory Pool

Continuing on our geyser tour, we then saw Grotto Geyser erupting, checked out Riverside Geyser and Spiteful Geyser, and ended the walk at the Morning Glory Pool.

Grand Geyser
Grand Geyser Eruption

We then went back and took up residence at the Grand Geyser viewing area.  We got there at the beginning of the eruption window, around 10am, and waited till a little after 1pm.  The geyser was very cool to see, and we enjoyed being about 20′ from the actual geyser.

Inside the lodge for lunch.

We enjoyed lunch at the Old Faithful Lodge dining room; the interior architecture is also very interesting, with  large chandeliers and rough-hewn logs visible throughout the building.

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