Grand Tetons: Bradley/Taggart Lake Trails and Jackson Lake

Taggart Lake
View of Taggart Lake

August 4, 2009 – We began our day in by getting breakfast at Bubba’s BBQ.  They have great biscuits and gravy, and the coffee is good, dark, and refills are quick.

Snake River View
View of the Tetons from the Snake River

We needed to be properly fortified for our first hike of the day: Taggart and Bradley Lake.  The views were great, and we didn’t even have to run through any hail storms this time. 😉  After the hike we stopped at a Dornan’s for lunch.  It was crowded, as usual, but we stocked up on sandwiches, chips, and some locally-bottled pop.  We also enjoyed looking at their large selection of cheeses from around the world.  The food was so good that we returned to get a similar selection of goodies for dinner.

Lakeshore Trail
View from Colter Bay on Lakeshore Trail

We found an uncrowded pull-off and ate lunch in the car.  Then, we decided to get in one final hike before beginning the trek back to CO.  We did the Colter Bay Lakeshore trail.  The hike was perfect – easy, flat, not-too-crowded, and provided some nice views of the Tetons.  We did, however, have to keep moving, since there were also a fair number of mosquitoes on the hike.

On The Road
This road never ends…

The drive back to Denver was long, but fairly uneventful.  The highlight of the trip was passing through a small town with a vet, animal hospital, and taxidermist side-by-side in a tiny plaza.

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