Pacific Northwest: Aberdeen and Olympic National Park

Blue Heron
The Great Blue Heron

May 30, 2009 – After leaving Cape Disappointment State Park, we continued on our trek up the coast.  We stopped at a great seafood place in Aberdeen, WA (home of Kurt Cobain) where we had a great blue heron model for us.  After dinner, we continued driving through logging areas – it was a bit of a change from the lushness of Oregon, since the hillsides were stripped of most of their old growth trees.  We disliked the logging areas, although we recognized that logging was the backbone of the economy, much as steel was vital to the Northeastern economy several decades ago.

Ruby Beach at Sunset

Eventually, we reached the western coast of Olympic National Park.  We were fortunate to still have a few hours of sunlight to enjoy the beauty of the park, and the almost-endless supply of lush vegetation and old growth trees.  We stopped at Ruby Beach, as well as several other beaches along the coast.  Although we didn’t have much time for hiking, we did get a chance to walk down to the beach.  This was an involved process that included climbing over a 5′ high mound of drift wood.  And by drift wood, I mean trees.  However, once on the beach we were able to walk along the stones and sand and admire the sun as it began to set over the water.

We stayed in the night in Port Angeles, WA.  This was one Choice Hotel that we will not be returning to; it was rather stuffy, old, and run down.

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