Thanksgiving Break

November 27, 2008 – This year we made the annual trip back East for Thanksgiving break. The adventure started early, before 4am when we started getting ready to head to the airport for our 6am flight. We learned that our plane was delayed, for various reasons, and would not take off until 7:30am. We arrived in DC about and hour and 15 minutes late… just in time to watch our plane take off from another runway. However, the delay did allow us time to relax and get some food.

Football Hall of Fame
We checked out the field at the Football Hall of Fame before entering.

We arrived in Buffalo in time for dinner and a night of relaxation before heading out early Sunday morning for Canton, OH. We made good time to the Football Hall of Fame, and had a great time walking around, looking at the old uniforms, and watching old videos of player highlights.

Video Game Playing
Chillin’. Gamin’.

We left the Hall of Fame in time to watch the sun set over Canton. We drove through Ohio, briefly into West Virginia, and on to Pittsburgh, PA. We stayed at Zack’s apartment that night, and ate dinner at a great local Chinese restaurant. We also played video games and cooked up some food for leftovers over the next few days. However, we didn’t inflate the air mattress in time for it to be fully inflated, resulting in periodic loss of air throughout the night.


The next day we drove down to Brownsville, PA, then up to various places, including IKEA and Primanti Brother’s, where we had great wings and gyros.

New York Chillin
Relaxing in New York.

A few days later we sampled The Dor-stop’s food, including potato pancakes and chocolate chip and banana pancakes. Once we were back in New York we ate at Tantalus, did some target shooting, and went out shopping on Black Friday.

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