Santa Fe – returning to Denver

Burro Alley at Santa Fe
Burro Alley at Santa Fe

I know that this post is long overdue, but honestly, nothing too exciting happened on our last day in Santa Fe.

We ate breakfast at a great place called Tortilla Flats; Tony had the chorizo omelet, and Louisa had the huevos rancheros with Christmas chili (both red and green). The food was excellent and spicy.

We then decided to go back to the Plaza in Santa Fe; we found a lovely piece of pottery to take home as a souvenir, wandered around the plaza area, and climbed a little hill overlooking the city. By this point, the wind was picking up and the winter storm advisory weather could be seen over the neighboring mountains, so we decided to head back.

The drive wasn’t too bad, actually, just a little difficult going through the San Juan mountains. If you’re ever passing a town called Raton (appropriately named the rat), and you want to sample the local cuisine – don’t. No matter how hungry you are, just get a Little Debbie from the gas station and keep going. Trust us.

Raton not-withstanding, we had a great trip to New Mexico.

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