Santa Fe – Friday afternoon

Bandelier Sign
Bandelier contains a few cave dwellings.

Friday afternoon we decided to drive the hour to Bandelier National Monument. Along the way we passed several parts of Los Alamos National Laboratories; definitely interesting. Once we got to Bandelier we took a short hike to the cliff wall where several long houses were built into and in front of the cliff. There are ladders provided so that you can look into the rooms, and see the built-in rock shelves and the soot from fires. You could also see where log supports were pounded into the cliff in order to make 3 – 4 stories.

After Bandelier we wanted a yummy dinner, and decided on the Bobcat Bite. It’s a very small cafe (think maybe 10 tables and a counter) along a road with a great view of the sunset. Their specialty is burgers – very large, very good, cooked-to-order burgers made on a 50 year old cast iron stove. They also come with some excellent home fries.


Bobcat Bite Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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