Santa Fe: Day 1

Santa Fe Building
Buildings in Santa Fe have a unique design.

Well, this past weekend we ventured to Santa Fe, NM, land of high desert, mountains, and amazing green chile. On Thursday we stopped at Tokyo Joe’s for a fortifying dinner, and then headed down I-25 south. The traffic was blessedly light, especially for rush hour, and we made great time. After a good night’s rest, we headed downtown, where we quickly realized that the tourism site was not joking when they said that the city was about 400 years old and had streets to match. Many of the roads were on hills, about 12 feet wide, with cars parked on either side. After circling the area several times, we found a nice parking lot and headed over to the Basilica. The church was built in the 1800s, and has beautiful stained glass (from France) and brass sculptures on the large doors.

We spent some time wandering around the church, and then took some pictures of the nearby buildings, many of which have the classic adobe look, complete with decorative ladders and, at times, skulls.

Next we walked over to perhaps the oldest church in the U.S., the San Miguel Mission. The church was small, modest, and sturdy, as was necessary when it was used as a place of physical refuge and shelter from opposing soldiers.

By this time we were near the state capitol building, one of the newest in the U.S. We walked around it, and then set off in search of food. We found a crowded little cafe, the Guadalupe Cafe. Tony enjoyed a good burger and seasoned fries, while Louisa sampled the stuffed sopapialla with chicken, beans, rice, cheese, posole, and delicious and spicy green chile. They also served complimentary sopapiallas with honey.

After lunch we continued to walk around downtown and made our way to the Plaza. It is the the original heart of Santa Fe, and includes the Palace of the Governors (Santa Fe’s original government seat) and a lovely little park surrounded by shops, restaurants, and craftspeople selling their products.

After exploring Santa Fe, we decided to drive to Bandelier National Monument.

Check out the photos from day 1.

(More blogging and links coming. At some point.)

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