Pike’s Peak Rules…

If you are ever in Colorado on a nice clear day, then you will want to check out Pike’s Peak. Words really can’t do the view from the summit (and the drive to the summit) justice. A word of warning though, the temps at the top of the mountain can be harsh. When Louisa and I were there today, the wind chill was around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, that’s with the sun out. Temps at the base of the mountain were around 60 degrees.

Taking the road to the top is a great way to get some nice views of the plains, the Rocky Mountain Range, and several other high mountains. The 360 degree view from the summit is, on a clear day, absolutely beautiful. It also affords you bragging rights as the elevation is 14,110 feet. Yep, a nice, easy way to “climb” your first (or second) fourteener – and you don’t technically have to tell anyone that the climb was made by automobile. 😉

If you wish to check out pics from the trip, I have uploaded them along with a couple photos from the Dallas road trip.


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