“I’ve had it with… “

No, I’m not ticked at anything… Louisa and I just saw Snakes on a Plane (SOAP), and anyone who has seen this movie will recognize this line. Here is what Louisa has to say about it:

Ever wonder what it feels like to be semi-bipolar? Laughing one minute, crying the next, then apathetic, then thinking I-can’t-believe-they-actually-said/did-that, scared, then laughing again? Repeat for almost 2 hours, and that was the movie. A great C or B list movie, though, it had some great one-liners. And a pretty cool cult following. (The cool kind of cult. Not the scary satanic cult. But we saw enough of that in the previews.) Overall, SOAP will leave you with a good, clean, I-can’t-believe-I-just-watched-that-but-the-title-is-really-cool kind of feeling. (And the need for a Mai Tai.) 4 stars, only because Samuel L. Jackson really does say a great line with “I’ve had it with…”. And because the co-pilot said that the plane “will go down faster than a Thai hooker.”

Now for Tony’s take on the movie:

I should note that this movie is definitely not for kids (which is why there were a bunch of 6 or 7 year olds brought by their parents in the theater), mainly for the violence (numerous snake bites and other blunt objects causing much mutilation) and some language. I wanted to see this movie simply because it was called “Snakes on a Plane” and I wanted to see what it was all about. It sparked the biggest cult following that I have seen for a movie since Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you want to find out what I am talking about, check out Snakes on a Blog. With all this said, I thought it was a pretty good B Movie as well. Since Jackson did indeed say THE LINE in the movie, that made it for me (and many other people). I give it 4 fingers up.

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